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Water Pebble

Water Power And Harvesting

Water takes on many  forms and for decades man has tried to harness its awesome power. In years to come we will start to see more and more products ranging from Hydrogen powered cars to household boilers and all manner of gadgets. At Free Energy market we will endeavour to bring you the latest products for the best prices. Rain Water Harvesting has been around since the Romans and is at base level the best way to use Earths finest resource. You can expect to reduce you water rates bill by up to 50% by  harvesting your own water.

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Rain Water Harvesting

Our Rain Water Harvesting systems have been designed using the highest quality components From Germany, where rain water harvesting has been established for many years. There are various system types in the range to cater for all needs from basic garden irrigation through to fully automatic distribution systems. You don’t need quality drinking water to be piped in from miles away to water the garden, clean your car, flush your toilets and run your washing machines.And garden plants much prefer chemical free rainwater! Have a look at some of our best selling systems, buy now or email for further quotes and support in choosing the right system for you. These Rain water systems are the best deals on the market...
Rain Water Havesting
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Graf Carrot System 2700 Litre

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Water Power

This range of Water power gadgets are the latest on the market and are innovative in every sense.

The awesome energy  in H2O will inevitably bring all sorts of wonderful free energy products to to market and we will bring them straight to you. Helping you to eradicate all of your domestic energy bills....

 Water Powered Clock
Click image to view
From £13.00 inc-vat
Water Power Can Clock
Click image to view
From £12.99 inc-vat
 Water Powered Clock
Click image to view
From £8.99 inc-vat
   Colour Changing 
  Water Powered LED
Click image to view
From £17.95 inc-vat
      H2O Desk top Pro -
Water Power Calculator
Click image to view
From £8.00 inc-vat
 H2O Powered Calculator
Click image to view
From £4.50 inc-vat
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 Hydrogen Powered Car
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From £109.99 inc-vat
 Hydrogen Fuel Car
Click image to view
From £64.89  inc-vat
Science kit
 Hydro Car Kit-
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From £36.99 inc-vat