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By law, all energy companies have to supply at least 5% of their electricity from renewable sources. They either buy it from another company or generate it themselves. Whether through genuine desire to do something about the environment, or greenwash I'll leave it up to you to decide, but most of the larger energy companies now offer green tariffs:


British Gas have 2 green tariffs: ' zero carbon' says it is a 100% carbon neutral energy supply, whilst 'future energy' is ' backed by renewable energy sources'. British Gas say they are investing in the UK's future renewable energy sources, and revenues from these tariffs will be used to help reduce the CO2 emissions of schools in Great Britain.

At Free Energy Market we are striving to help everyone live a happier, bill free existence by using the abundant free energy on this planet, and then sell the excess power back to the grid. Well while you are on your journey to free living you will probably have to buy energy from a national supplier. So why not start by switching your main energy provider to one that only supplies energy created from renewable sources?

npower is one of the UK's leading electricity and gas suppliers to over 6 million customers and the new Wembley Stadium. Sign up online to their green energy tariff npower Juice and get £100 annual discount (if you take gas as well and pay by direct debit.)




Green Electricity Suppliers

Ecotricity currently generate about 24% of their electricity from renewables, and are the UKs largest investor in new wind turbines. They have 2 tariffs: New Energy promises to match the price of your local supplier, the other, New Energy Plus, offers 100% renewable electricity at a small premium.


Good Energy  generate 100% of their electricity from renewable sources and are market leaders with some  nine years experience in there field - they not only supply energy but will also buy electricity from you via their Home Generation scheme, which pays you for the renewable electricity you generate from your own solar panels and wind turbines.