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Free Energy Market have complied some hot tips for helping your business go green. Slashing  your overheads and cutting your businesses carbon footprint. Every little helps...
  • Switch off the Lights. Whilst modern lighting can be very energy efficient it’s cheaper not to have lights on at all. So wherever possible, switch off the light, and make sure your staff know to do the same.Make use of natural light wherever possible; keep blinds open, make sure windows are clean and try and remove any obstacles that prevent your premises being naturally lit
  • Turn off electrical equipment when not in use. A computer on standby still uses electricity, small as that amount of energy use may be, it all adds up. Switch off monitors, unplug any power packs, chargers etc. and switch off at the socket if possible or simply unplug.
  • Turn down the thermostat. If you’re heating your premises in cold periods then turn the thermostat down a notch. We’ve become so used to having tropical temperature workplaces that it s no wonder the heating bill has gone up, so encourage staff to close drafty windows and doors and wear another layer of clothing if needs be.
  • Tea break Use mugs, cups and glasses in your workplace rather than plastic or polystyrene. This encourages you to reduce and reuse. Or try our Not A Paper Cup in Eco Products.
  • Remove Individual Waste Bins. Using a centralised bin as part of your plan to reduce & recycle waste encourages staff to think about their waste.
  • Use conferencing to reduce travel for meetings - If every small business in the UK replaced 10 meetings a year with audio conferences, small businesses could collectively save more than 1.7 million tonnes of CO2. Cutting down on travel would also cut expenditure on air tickets, train tickets and petrol

Green Electricity Suppliers

Ecotricity currently generate about 24% of their electricity from renewables, and are the UKs largest investor in new wind turbines. They have 2 tariffs: New Energy promises to match the price of your local supplier, the other, New Energy Plus, offers 100% renewable electricity at a small premium.

  • Sign up to a green Energy supplier and feel great in the knowledge that your main grid energy supply is coming from renewable sources.


Eco Business


Eco Friendly business’s should try one of these...

Envelope Angel

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Water Power Calculator
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