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Blue LED Solar

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Solar powered fairy lights.
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Solar Lights

Blue LED Lights

blue LED solar Lights

Blue Solar LED Lights

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Click on image to enlarge

Voted 9/10 in the Sunday Mirror's Garden Solar Gadgets review. (7th September 2008)

" As bright as mains powered LED lights.

" Charge by day, light up at night

" 1 hour of direct sunlight gives 2 hours of fairy lights

" Solar fairy lights will stay lit for 20 hours once fully charged

" Easy to install - User Guide enclosed

" Our solar fairy lights are self sufficient, can be placed anywhere

" Turn on automatically at dusk

" Turn off automatically at dawn

" 6 lighting modes

" Energy saving timer mode

" 2 metres of cable between panel and lights

" Our solar powered fairy lights are fully weather resistant

" No operating costs

" Environmentally friendly

" Our solar fairy lights come with a 2 year limited warranty



No. of LED's

String Length



5 metres (16 ft)




10 metres (33 ft)




20 metres (66 ft)




28 metres (92 ft)



Solar and Fairy Lights are a match made in heaven for anyone wanting to put up fairy lights outside without using mains power. Simply hang the solar fairy lights in your desired location, clip the panel in a location where it will get the most amount of daylight and away you go.


For those of you who think white lights aren t funky enough, try our hot blue Solar Fairy Lights instead!


Are The Solar Centre Solar LED fairy lights as good as normal mains powered LED lights?


We looked long and hard to find Solar Fairy Lights that were of a high enough standard, we found some good products, but none that could fulfill all our criteria so in the end we had our own made.


We would argue that our Solar Centre Solar Fairy Lights are better than mains powered LED lights for the following reasons:




How do they work?


The Solar Centre Solar Fairy Lights are attached to a control module that contains two rechargeable batteries. This control module is connected to a solar panel which charges the batteries during daylight. At dusk the light sensor in the solar panel automatically turns the lights on and at dawn it automatically turns the lights off.


The Solar Centre Solar Fairy Lights also have a timer mode to help conserve battery during the winter months or during sustained periods of very dull days. This allows you to tell the solar fairy lights to turn off after 6, 8 or 10 hours rather than waiting until dawn (typically 14 hours in winter). Using the timer mode in winter will conserve battery charge enabling you to enjoy the lights on more consecutive nights.


Do they have different lighting modes?


The Solar Centre Solar Fairy Lights have 6 different lighting modes:


Lighting Modes


1. Alternating

2. Chasing

3. Fast Flash

4. Slow Flash

5. Fast Flicker

6. All Lights On



How do I set them up?


The Solar Centre Solar Fairy Lights are incredibly easy to install!


Simply remove them from the box, unravel the lights and place in them your desired location. Press the power button and enjoy. There are 2 metres of cable between the lights and the solar panel so can place the lights in a shaded area so long as the solar panel can reach an area that receives unobstructed daylight.


The solar panel comes with a clip and a stake for mounting. The stake is ideal if you plan to mount the panel in the ground whereas the clip is more useful if you are thinking placing the lights higher up.

Example 1
Example 2

Solar Fairy Lights - Blue (also available in white)


Fairy Lights


Price: £29.99 inc vat


Price: £39.99 inc vat


Price: £69.99 inc vat


Price: £54.99 inc vat

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